Thursday, December 15, 2016

Respond, Answer, Cite, and Explain- A song to encourage quality responses

I'm not sure which I'm more surprised by:
1) That it's December 15th and I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping yet. #gettingnervous #thankgoodnessforAmazonPrime
2) That it's December 15th and my kids are still starting their responses with "Yes, because..."



We are stopping that NOW.

Whoever thought of the "RACE" strategy for responding to questions is a literal genius. I thank them for the amazing acronym. It's short, catchy, easy to remember, and it just so happens to be the inspiration behind this new song.

I taught my students this song (to the tune 24k Magic by Bruno Mars) in hopes that they would remember to include R, A, C, and E in their text-dependent questions. We went over the process of RACE and how to find text-based evidence while reading through our lyrics. Now keep in mind, I also completed several whole class mini-lessons and small-group lessons that drilled this answering-technique into their brains. Before we answer any text-dependent questions, we sing the first little snippet of our song. It's a fun, quick reminder of how they need to be answering their questions.

Click the picture below to download a free PDF of the lyrics.

Click here to see my class learning the song.

Happy singing! And happy RACE responses!




  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing. My class has been using "yes, because" and it has been driving me nuts! I am so excited to share this with them after our break. Keep Rockin Girl!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! I love creating songs for my students and this saved me some time. We did it today and had so much fun! If you do it with your class this year would you mind posting a video of the entire song? That second paragraph is TRICKY! Bruno Mars and his quick lyrics! Thanks again =D

  3. 1. Thank you!

    2. If it weren't for you and me stumbling on this lesson, I'd have gone my whole life thinking this song was by Kendrick Lamar. Schooling me in so many ways right now, Miss B!

  4. I wish I could still see the video. Can you send out just the audio?

  5. I'm looking for the video of your students singing the RACE song. Am I missing it????