Sunday, June 19, 2016

Target Dollar Spot Find: Dry Erase Map

Download the cards here and get yourself to the Target Dollar Spot ASAP! :)

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Keep the Quote

Hey friends! I've been tackling a lot of my Instagram questions through Periscope, but I thought it would be beneficial to create some blog posts as well! So, here we go.

One of my favorite parts about my classroom is an idea that was inspired by one of my amazing students. 


As soon as he brought up the idea I knew we just HAD to bring it to life. The only question was, "How do we do this?" You can imagine my excitement when I found the amazing roll at Target three days later. I may have screamed "OH MY GOSH, THIS IS PERFECT," but I can't remember. This roll is seriously perfect for this concept, as the quotes need to be kept after being displayed. The paper came with it, but I refilled it using our school butcher paper after it ran out (I just cut it to the size I needed). ***BUT*** you do not need a fancy roll to pull off this concept. You can use basic, large sheets of paper to write your quotes on. Tape them up or place them on your magnetic whiteboard/chalkboard. Don't want to write them? You can also type the quotes up and print them out, or you could have your students write the quotes. :) Many possibilities!

What is Keep the Quote?
Keep the Quote is a fun, weekly goal-setting system used in my classroom. Students bring in quotes that they think our class should use as a motto for that particular week. My kiddos bring in their quotes on Monday morning. (It is completely optional if they bring one or not.) If there is an overwhelming amount of quotes, I simply just put their quotes in a bin and select approximately four.  I read the four quotes aloud and the students listen. We then vote on which quote we like best. The student who brought in the winning quote explains what that quote means to them, and we discuss how students could earn that particular quote. For example, if the quote was "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody. --Kid President", we would explain that our class should be trying to actively make others feel good about themselves. They need to be giving compliments to others and making sure that others are included.

I write the quote on the paper during my prep or after school on Monday. On Friday, we then review our success following the quote and select one student to actually KEEP THE QUOTE. Get it?! Anyway, the student selected has to be someone who was really demonstrating that quote. I have the student who brought in the winning quote select the recipient (I help them with this at first). The student has to go up on our stage and explain the quote's meaning once again and the reason that they are awarding the quote to the recipient. The paper is ripped off, given to that student, and then a new quote is added the following week.

My students truly love Keep the Quote, and I hope yours will, too! :)

To see this concept in action, visit the hashtag #KeepTheQuote on Instagram,

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