Tuesday, March 29, 2016

DIY Mini Anchor Chart Holders

Hey, friends! If you're like me, you've seen these cute PVC pipe anchor charts all over Pinterest. Seriously, they are always popping up on my feed, and I every time I think, "I HAVE to get some of those for my own classroom!" The possibilities are endless with these cute, mini holders! Use them at your guided reading groups, math intervention/enrichment groups, centers, etc! Check out my friend Head over Heels for Teaching's post about how she uses these holders for guided reading. BTW, her product is AMAZING!

I didn't use any specific pre-made plans for my holders, as my fiance knew exactly what I needed to get and how to do everything. He even cut everything out for me! I'm pretty lucky! I did, however, have to pay him with candy and pop. I feel like that's a good trade off though.

Okay, to start, you need to get yourself to Lowes, Home Depot, or a store of the sort where they sell PVC pipe. Head over to the plumbing section and that's where you'll find everything you need! I'm lucky that I had a description of what I needed, because a nice, elderly gentleman was able to help me when I realized they make different kinds of PVC pipe. Please don't judge my non-handywoman qualities.

MAKE SURE YOU GET SLIP X SLIP elbow fittings and T fittings. I repeat SLIP X SLIP. That means that the inside with be completely smooth. Just check the label and you'll be fine!

The PVC pipe will come in five feet tubes. You'll want to purchase the 1/2 inch thick tubing. You're going to need about 5.5 ft. per mini anchor chart that you want to make. Look below to see the exact measurements that I used for mine. This is for ONE anchor chart. To cut the pieces, you can get a PVC pipe cutter. My fiance used some type of saw, but do I remember the name of it? NO. Remember, I'm a Target girl. I'm not meant to saw anything. #pathetic


Put two elbow fittings on the ends of one 10 1/2" tube.

Attach the two 12 1/2" tubes to the elbow fittings.

Attach the T fittings to the bottom.

Attach the four 2 1/2" tubes to your T fittings.

Attach the four other elbow fittings to your 2 1/2" tubes.

Finish your stand by securing the other two 10 1/2" tubes to your elbow fittings.

Make your stands POP by spray painting them or applying duct tape! I found this duct tape at Wal-Mart, and to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of it. It's just the only tape I could see fitting in with the rest of my classroom.

Tear off strips approximately 3 inches in length.

Apply to all of the tubing. 

 Hang pocket folders from the charts using binder rings. I'm using these four stands for my math centers. All of my worksheets, task cards, etc. will fit nicely in these folders, and it will be nice that I can place these anywhere around the room! Easy access and cleanup for my kiddos and I!

This is just ONE center stand; I still have three to go! Good thing I'm on spring break! :) :) :)



  1. You go girl! I ❤️ these!! What a great idea - thanks for always inspiring!!!

  2. Love these! I made my own following your instructions and they came out so well. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try them out tomorrow with my 8th graders.

  3. You are amazing, approximately how much did it cost to make them?
    Thanks <3

  4. Love these! I could have swore you said on your instagram you were posting about your balloons but I can't find it! Was I wrong??

  5. These are GREAT! Thanks for the step by step!

  6. I just made mine! What size rings did you use?